A US scholarship is a monetary award offered by United States universities (colleges) to cover all or part of a student’s academic and/or accommodation fees while he or she is studying at University.
Each individual college offers different scholarships and fee schedules. At US Scholarships we specialise in connecting the right student athletes with Colleges that fits their needs.
Every year in the United States there are hundreds of institutions offering thousands of scholarships to athletes from all over the world. Their aim is to recruit talented students to their schools. Scholarships are offered to students who meet the required academic and sporting criteria.
There is a wide variety of sports available. The vast majority are offered to men and women with a few exceptions as listed. American Football (Men), Baseball (M), Basketball (M+W), Cross Country (M+W), Field Hockey (W), Fencing (M+W), Golf (M+W), Gymnastics (M+W), Ice Hockey (M+W), Lacrosse (M+W), Rowing (W), Softball (W), Soccer (M+W), Swimming and Diving (M+W), Skiing (M+W), Tennis (M+W), Track and Field Indoor and Outdoor (M+W), Volleyball (M+W), Water Polo (M+W).
US Scholarships is the leading Oceania based consultancy focusing solely on placing talented, high calibre NZ, Australian and Pacific Island Students into quality US colleges. We have direct access to university sports coaches, coupled with staff that have experienced the US education system first hand. Consequently, we have been able to provide a pathway of opportunities for athletes in the US college system.
After an initial free consultation with us here at US Scholarships Ltd, we will assess your eligibility to apply for a scholarship. This will include a full academic and sporting assessment that will enable the USS Ltd staff make an informed decision as to your suitability for specific US colleges. We create an extensive personal profile including footage of your talents that will be accessed by the US college staff. We will also help with your US Visa application, SAT bookings, practice tests, insurances and all the other prerequisites to college life.
The initial consultation is free. During the consultation we will provide all the relevant information regarding our services.
US colleges have two main intakes, the main ones being in August (fall semester) and the other in January (spring semester).
The SAT Reasoning Test measures critical mathematical, reading and writing skills and is required by most US colleges as a prerequisite to undergraduate study.
Most degrees are 4 year courses.
Most scholarship packages are awarded on an annual basis. Hard work both academically and in your chosen field will enhance your chances of achieving your goals over the term of the agreement with a US College. An excellent work ethic is required from students within US college higher education scheme. At USS Ltd we recruit only those that we feel will achieve the required standards.
No. NCAA state that athletes are not permitted to have a sports agent (see NCAA rule 12.3.1 ‘Use of Agents’). Using an agent could make you ineligible to compete in college sports. At USS Ltd we do not provide services to professional athletes nor do we charge a fee based on the level of scholarship you receive. Our fees are based on the service we provide throughout the athletic recruitment process.