Sports Scout

US Scholarships is consistently Australasia’s top provider of sporting talent to the US college system. We aim to ensure that the our athletes have all the relevant credentials in order to be successful in the US. A major reason for our success is the network of talent scouts that provide their expertise to USS Ltd.We are recruiting potential sports scouts that will work with USS Ltd in order to achieve the high standards we have delivered in previous years.

If you feel you have the eye for sporting talent and would enjoy the opportunity to work with the US Scholarships Ltd staff then you will possess the following attributes.

  • Experience as a coach and/or athlete in your chosen area of sporting expertise
  • Possess a coaches/scouts eye, that can provide detailed information as to an athletes current ability and potential
  • Integrity and respect within your sporting environment
  • A passion for providing excellent standards to potential clients, ensuring the US Scholarships Ltd brand is held in high regard
If you feel that this is a role that would suit your passion and capabilities then take a few moments to provide your details below.
Chosen sport(s)
Experience in your chosen field