Field Hockey Scholarship
Field- Hockey Scholarships
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Financial Aid

  • Many of our athletes have received substantial amounts of financial aid from US colleges. In several cases full tuition, room and board with a value up to $80, 000 NZD annually.

Potential to Reduce Student Loans

  • Gaining a scholarship can greatly reduce the cost of studying for your degree and give you the cultural experience of studying in another country. The average student loan/debt that an Oceania based student has on completion of their degree is $20,000-$35, 000 AUD/NZD approximately.

Potential to Reduce Living Costs

  • A scholarship in the US can significantly reduce living costs whilst studying  for your degree. The average living cost per annum including room, board, studying, travelling and playing your chosen sport in Australasia on average costs $15,ooo AUD/NZD approx. The average cost of living for students that live at home in NZ/AUS, rent free is $7-9k per annum.

Process Management

  • The process is managed by us to help Oceania based athletes gain US scholarships. We pride ourselves on having high levels of professionalism and efficiency when dealing with your education and future career prospects. We will guide you from the very first consultation, providing information and support through your SAT exam, the type of accommodation you will stay in, and the type of scholarship that is best suited to your abilities and needs.

Flexible Study

  • The US college system has a large range of top class universities that provide the very best in education and an extensive range of courses that you can study. US colleges utilise the credit units system, so that students can choose when to attend classes, how many classes to enrol in each semester, and what optional classes to take. This means flexibility for students. We are in contact with universities from all over the US.

University Facilities

  • Many of the Colleges have top class sporting facilities, qualified coaches, and full time training programmes.

Recognised Degrees

  • Employer recognition – US higher education institutions obtain professional accreditation by governing bodies. To achieve the accreditation the colleges need to meet certain criteria, helping to ensure a quality education, as well as a degree that is recognised by employers around the world.

USS Experienced Staff

  • You can have trust in the knowledge that the US Scholarships team has experience of working with the US college staff. We also have experience within the top levels of sport in Oceania and professionally in Europe, so we are fully aware of what the top coaches in the States will be looking for in a prospective scholar.

Exposure to Professional Sports Organisations


Academic Scholarships
Socialising on Campus
  • We can help you be a part of the US college system, which will enable you to achieve sporting excellence under the watchful eye of professional sports coaches and scouts. Top Oceania athletes that have achieved success overseas have often done so with the exposure and experience that the US college system provides.

Life Experience

  • Studying and playing at a US college gives you the opportunity to create a network of friends and contacts that will be with you for life. Experience the culture of an amazing country by living and studying there.

Employment Opportunities

  • There are opportunities to work on campus while you study. Often, there are roles reserved for International students.