At US SCHOLARSHIPS we connect Oceania based athletes with college sports scholarships in the US. Whether you are an elite athlete or playing your sport to a recognized level, we can help you with the process. Through an extensive network of US colleges and contacts in the US we will ensure that US College coaches have access to all your attributes and requirements. Suitable candidates will go through a thorough vetting process. Successful applicants will be guided through the whole US College application process.

US Scholarships Soccer Programme 

The programme includes the following:

  • 8-12 squad fixtures, viewed by US college coaches, filmed/edited by USS staff
  • Individualised Strength and Conditioning programme
  • Personalised and regularly updated video
  • Website profile accessed by 100’s of US College coaches
  • 1 on 1 mentoring with USS staff
  • Academic assessment and support throughout
  • Process and admin management including SAT’s, Visa’s, Accommodation
  • Negotiate with US coaches ensuring the best offers are available for our athletes
  • US university advice/research
  • Strong networks globally for professional route on completion of your 4 years at college

To trial for our programme email

Please note we provide our full service for soccer players from all over the globe regardless of selection to this New Zealand based soccer specific programme.


Our Service Guarantees

Athlete Service

  • Initial Consultation (free)
  • Academic eligibility pre-qualification
  • High school and University grade evaluation
  • Athletic evaluation
  • Athletic eligibility
  • NCAA and/or NAIA registration support
  • NZ based showcase opportunities (football only)
  • Regular USS matches filmed by our staff
  • Personal profiling
  • 1 on 1 mentoring
  • Video filming and editing
  • Daily US coach management
  • US College interest and evaluation support
  • Admissions requirements to the US colleges and relevant bodies/organisations
  • Visa application support
  • Insurance advice and support
  • Access to over 1000 US Universities and colleges
  • Support and guidance when selecting the scholarship that suits your needs

US College Coach Service

  • Up to date athletic profile access
  • Athletic, academic and compliance data for every athlete
  • Highly qualified athlete indentification programme
  • Realistic and robust athlete recruitment processes
  • On going athlete and coach support

How do we help you achieve your US college sports scholarship?

Every client we deal with has a different set of requirements. Universities in the US are looking for particular attributes in the students they select for their college scholarships. We select from an extensive choice of top quality US colleges that provide a range of scholarships. We make the process simple for you. With our network of US contacts and expertise in understanding their requirements, we are able to meet both parties needs.

From the free consultation we assess your eligibility and from this arrange for tests, research your academic and talent history enabling the USS staff to build an extensive portfolio. We liaise with the college coaching staff providing the information they require to make sound decisions on the athletes they recruit. On acceptance of the scholarship by all parties we and the selected college will manage the whole process.


What do we need from potential athletes wanting to study on a US college scholarship?

We are looking for individuals that are determined, have the right character and have a sporting talent. The US college system demands high standards from their students both academically and in their chosen field. The relationships we have with the US colleges are built on the trust that we provide students that will excel and relish the US college environment. With hard work and our guidance you’ll receive a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel, pursue your talent, thrive in an excellent culture, and graduate with a recognised degree.

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